Tobacco Shag AS-18/7 300+ PCS fresh seeds, Nicotiana tabacum, Tobacco seeds for planting & growing, Organic seeds, Non GMO, Heirloom seeds

Oreshka seeds
Tobacco Shag AS-18/7.

The medium-ripened, rarely leafy shag was bred by crossing the shag "Armenia" (A) with local shag from c. Stemas (C) of the Chuvash ASSR. Leaves of medium size.

The color of the leaves is light green. The shape of the plate is round-ovoid. The surface of the leaves is in shallow folds, slightly convoluted. The materiality of the leaves is good. The percentage of nicotine 10. The quality of raw materials is average. The length of the growing season: from planting to flowering - 37 days, from flowering to ripening - 37 days (total 74 days).
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