Samsun Abkhazian tobacco-135 300+ PCS fresh seeds, Nicotiana tabacum, Tobacco seeds for planting & growing, Organic seeds, Non GMO, Heirloom seeds

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Samsun Abkhazian tobacco-135.

The height of the plant is 170-190 cm . The shape of the plant is cylindrical, spreading, the shape of the inflorescence is corymbose, of medium density. The number of botanical leaves is 65-68, technical 62-64.

The position of the leaves on the stem is elevated. The shape of the leaf of the middle tier is slightly rounded, broadly oval, the leaf blade is slightly curved, the petiole is long 3.0-3.5 cm, narrowly bordered, the tip of the middle leaf is medium-pointed, the leaf surface is smooth, the leaf edge is slightly wavy, the leaf color is light green.

The variety is medium-late ripening. Growing season: the number of days from planting to flowering 86-92 days, from planting to ripening of the upper leaves 125-139 days.
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