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Tobacco Shag Stalingrad.

Stalingrad shag is a perfectly acclimatized variety. Plants ripen perfectly in the central and even northern regions of our country. It is quite unpretentious, so it is recommended for novice dog breeders.

The variety is very resistant to viral diseases. Refers to early—ripening - 30-45 days pass from germination to flowering (depending on growing conditions). The bush is medium-sized, the leaves are large. The stem has a rounded shape. The leaves are strongly pubescent. The lower leaves may even lie on the ground. The color of the leaves is grayish-green, matte. In shape, the leaves are heart-shaped, slightly elongated.

The plant matures 16-22 leaves suitable for consumption. All parts of the plant are suitable for smoking. The stem and the central vein of the leaf can be cut into pieces and added to the mixture to reduce the strength.
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