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Tobacco Shag Moscow.

A subspecies of tobacco that differs from Nicotiana tabacum in smaller growth (up to 120 cm) and greater strength. The village tobacco got its botanical name for its ubiquity and ease of cultivation.

Almost no care is required for her, with the exception of vershkovanie and pasinkovanie. The peculiarity of this variety is that it is tobacco for those who are late to plant other varieties in early spring.

The period from planting to flowering is 47-56 days. The shape of the plant is cone-shaped. The height of the bush is about 0.6 m. The leaf is wide, elliptical, dark green. The number of leaves is 10.

However, to obtain high-quality raw materials, it is still better to plant seedlings, but later than tobacco for two to three weeks. Unlike tobacco, shag is completely unpretentious and grows quietly from the southern regions up to the Arctic Circle. The planting scheme is 50-70x20 cm.
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