Sweet pepper Kolobok 20 PCS fresh seeds, Piper

Oreshka seeds
Sweet pepper Kolobok (lat Piper)

An early-maturing, unpretentious variety of Bulgarian pepper. The fruits ripen on average by 110 days after the emergence of seedlings. The variety is universal: it is suitable for planting in greenhouses, greenhouses, in the open ground. Kolobok can be grown even in a potted culture on the balcony or in garden pots.
The plants are low, semi-columbine, grow up to 0.6 m in the greenhouse, and only about 0.4 m in the ground. They are compact, have a powerful, strong stem and dense foliage. The bun does not need support and the formation of a bush, which greatly facilitates the care of it, eliminates mistakes for novice gardeners.
The yield of the variety per sq. m. is 3-5 kg, under optimal conditions-about 6 kg. 5 plants can be planted on 1 sq. m.
The fruits of the Kolobok have a recognizable, round shape. The pepper is fleshy, the wall thickness is up to 1 cm. The size of each fruit in diameter is about 6-8 cm. Due to the dense skin, the crop is stored for a long time, it easily tolerates transportation.

Pepper: Pepper

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