Crimean cherry Regina 10 PCS fresh seeds, Fruit seeds, Organic seeds, Non GMO

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Crimean cherry Regina (Regina Prunus).

The tree is medium-sized, the crown is medium thick, begins to bear fruit in the second year after planting. The variety is resistant to diseases, it tolerates frost quite well. It bears fruit quite well, every year.

Flowering occurs at a late date: in mid-late May. Fruit ripening begins from the 2-3 decade of July. The cherry is large, weighing 9-14 g. The shape is rounded, slightly flattened. The skin is shiny red, at the stage of ripeness it becomes burgundy. The flesh is red in color, sweet and sour in taste. Tasting properties are estimated at 4.8 points.

Fruiting begins at 3-4 years. A bountiful harvest is harvested annually. Fruits can hang on the tree for a long time after ripening, do not crumble and do not crack. The average yield is 40 kg per cherry.

The fruits of the Regina variety have a high transportability. The storage period is up to 3 weeks without loss of commodity and taste qualities. They are used fresh, and desserts are also prepared from them, filling for baking, canned and frozen for the winter
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