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Fruit seeds

Fruit seeds

You can do without beds with vegetables that require care, and you do not even need to break up large flower beds. But there should be fruit trees on the site.

The incredible variety of fruits presented in Russia allows you to enjoy a healthy treat from early spring to late autumn. They are eaten raw, boiled-compotes, jellies, jams, juices, frozen for the winter.

Taking care of them is a pleasure, not an endless hassle. First, almost all of them are perennial. Secondly, they do not require frequent watering. Third, it is more convenient and pleasant to harvest than for example vegetables.

There are only 3 main types.

Pome fruits - they are the representatives of apple, pear, quince,saskatoon , hawthorn

Stone fruits - are cherry, cherry plum, dogwood, apricot, peach, plum

Nur-bearing - nuts-walnuts, almonds, chestnuts

All of them are propagated by cuttings, root growth, grafting, as well as seeds and bones. However, in the latter case, the harvest will have to wait longer and not always of the same quality as the mother tree. At the same time, it should be noted that stone fruits begin to bear fruit earlier than seed ones, but this process is much shorter for them.

What should be remembered when growing fruit?

It is necessary to choose the right place of planting, taking into account the size of the plant - whether it is high or spreading, whether it will shade other plantings.

Regular pruning will not only simplify the harvesting process, but also improve its quality by rejuvenating the tree and thinning the crown.

Processing from harmful insects will save the crop and make it more delicious and attractive. It is important to observe the terms - some tools can be used only before flowering, others - before the ovary of the fruit.

Our assortment of fruit is constantly updated and now you can buy seedlings and seeds:

  • appletrees,
  • persimmons,
  • hawthorn's,
  • viburnums,
  • rose hips black,
  • the Manchurian apricot
  • pawpaw triloba

Of course, the success of growing any plant is a quality seed material. This is famous for our nursery-seed bank. Because our employees conduct a painstaking search around the world for rare plant varieties that can develop in different latitudes of Russia. We are not just engaged in the sale of seeds and seedlings, selection and cultivation of hardy species is our main activity.

It's time to provide yourself with delicious vitamins!

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