Mahonia aquifolium 20+ PCS fresh seeds, Oregon grape, Holly leaved berberry, Holly fruit vine,Fruit berry seeds,Yellow flowers,Organic seeds

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Mahonia aquifolium fresh seeds, Oregon grape, Holly leaved berberry, Holly fruit vine, Fruit berry seeds, Yellow flowers, Organic seeds (lat. Mahonia aquifolium).

A species of the genus Mahonia (Mahonia) of the Barberry family (Berberidaceae). An evergreen shrub up to 1 m high, forming thickets due to the overgrowth of root offspring. The bark on young shoots is pinkish-gray, on old ones — brown-gray, with longitudinal stripes.

The apical flower bud is ovate, up to 1 cm long, with outer membranous, strongly pointed scales remaining 1-2 years on shoots, and internal herbaceous and blunt, falling off; lateral buds 3-5 mm long, with ovate, slightly pointed scales, oblong-ovate.

The leaves are compound, non-pinnate, 5-9 leaflets, up to 15-20 cm long, the petiole is usually reddish; the leaves are leathery, dark green above, glossy, with a depressed network of veins, dull, pale green below, notched-sharp-toothed along the edge, 3-9 cm long, 1.5-2.5 cm wide; lateral uneven, on reddish petioles 0.5—2 cm long.

The flowers are about 8 mm in diameter, collected in multi-flowered panicles or brushes in the axils of the outer scales of the apical bud, light yellow, bright, often with a lemon tint. A good early spring honey plant.

The berries are oblong-elliptical, up to 10 mm long, up to 8 mm wide, bluish-black, with an abundant bluish bloom, covered with down, with 2-8 seeds, sweet and sour. Flowering in April - May. The fruits ripen in August - September. The fruits are sweet and sour, can be used in confectionery production and for tinting wines.

It is well suited for curbs, low untrimmed hedges, group plantings and for lining tall shrubs. In addition to the evergreen appearance, an additional decorative effect in the autumn and winter periods of magonia is given by a change in the color of the leaves from dark green shiny to reddish, as well as blue-purple berries with a waxy coating.
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