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Oreshka seeds
Tamarillo, or Beetroot Cyphomandra, or Tomato tree (lat. Cyphomandra betacea).

A small evergreen tree or bush 2-3 meters high with large, oval, shiny leaves. The flowers are pinkish-white, fragrant, with a 5-membered calyx.

The fruits are ovoid, 5-10 cm long, growing in clusters of 3-12 pieces. Their shiny skin is hard and bitter, and the flesh has a sour-sweet-salty taste, reminiscent of currants and a little gooseberry. The color of the peel can be orange-red, yellow, or purple in color. The color of the pulp is usually golden-pink, the seeds are thin and round, black. The fruits resemble long-fruited tomatoes.

Eat raw, after first peeling the peel and the top thin layer to pulp. Ideal for adding a small amount of pulp to cocktails and smoothies to add a special aroma and unique taste. Most often used for cooking and canning.

Loose, fertile soil is required; they do not tolerate dense soil. Cyphomandra has a superficial root system; it quickly selects nutrients from the soil, so fertilizing is mandatory for it.

USDA Hardiness Zone: 7 (-12°C to -7°C).
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