Apple tree Antonovka ordinary 10 PCS fresh seeds. Malus domestica Borkh

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Apple tree (Malus domestica Borkh.) "Antonovka ordinary" (Antonovka, A. Kurskaya, A. simple, A. cup, Antonovskoe apple, Krasnoglazovskaya, Waxy yellow, Oven)
The height of the tree is 5-8 m. The Rate Of Fertility Is Low. The period (storage) of consumption is Early Autumn – early winter; the fruits are stored for up to 2-3 months. The terms of removable (technical) maturity are Mid-September. The type of fruiting is Mixed: on ringlets and spears, the yield is High, but irregular. Fruit weight is average: from 120 to 150 g; maximum-300 g. Shape and color Apples are flat-rounded or oval-cone-shaped, sometimes cylindrical. The surface is broadly ribbed or faceted. The skin is shiny, slightly oily. Color when removed: greenish-yellow, when stored: light straw-yellow. The fruit pulp is yellowish, medium density, grainy and juicy. Tasting score (taste qualities) 4.5-4.8 points (out of 5) - the taste is sweet, but with some excess of acid, has a peculiar aroma. The purpose of the fruit is Universal. Resistance High winter and frost resistance; medium resistance to scab; strongly affected by the apple moth.
The tree is strong-growing, can reach a height of 8 meters. The natural shape of the crown is raised, in the form of an irregular oval, with age it becomes spreading. The main branches are covered with brown bark, well overgrown with branched annelids. About 50-60% of the crop ripens on the branches at the age of three to four years. Often, fruiting is also observed on two-year-old wood. Flowering is later, so it is little exposed to the threat of recurrent frosts.
The rate of infertility is estimated as low. According to experts, the trees after budding begin to bear fruit on the 7-8 th year and after 1-2 years bring a high commercial yield.
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