30+ fresh seeds white forest strawberry. Yellow - white fragaria vesca fresh seeds. Yellow miracle

Oreshka seeds
Strawberry Yellow miracle (lat. Fragaria).

Remontant, beardless, productive, winter-hardy variety. It surpasses all known red-fruited varieties in taste and aroma. Fruits abundantly until frost.

The yellow miracle forms compact, medium-sized bushes with dense, small leaves of a rounded shape, with teeth along the edges, and a bright green color.

Peduncles grow level with the foliage or slightly lower. On each peduncle, several inflorescences are formed, and then ovaries.

The berries are formed in a conical, elongated shape, with a dense yellow skin and many protruding achenes. At the beginning of ripening, strawberries have a bright yellow, amber color, and after full ripening, the color of the fruit changes to light, banana yellow. The pulp of the berries inside is very tender, juicy, sweet, with a wonderful pineapple aftertaste. The weight of the berries is 4-6 g. They are not pecked by birds.

They eat strawberries fresh, freeze them, and make all sorts of preparations for the winter.

The variety is resistant to various diseases of strawberry crops, pest damage, drought-resistant and winter-hardy.

USDA Hardiness Zone: 4 (-34°C to -29°C).
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