White mulberry 20 PCS fresh seeds, Morus alba

Oreshka seeds
White mulberry (lat. Morus alba)

Deciduous tree. A tree up to 15-18 m tall with a spreading spherical crown. The trunk and large branches are covered with grayish-brown bark. The leaves are broadly ovate, unequal at the base, petiolate, finger-toothed along the edge, 5-15 cm long. They are located on two types of shoots: elongated vegetative and shortened fruiting.
The flowers are unisexual, collected in inflorescences: staminate — in drooping cylindrical spikes, pistillate — in short oval ones on very short peduncles. The axis of the inflorescence grows at the fruits, forming coplodia from numerous nuts enclosed in overgrown fleshy and juicy pericarps. It blooms in April — May, the fruits ripen in May — June.
The coplodia consist of achenes with an overgrown perianth, up to 4 cm long, cylindrical, white or colored pink or red. The taste is sickly sweet. They are edible in fresh form (white, soft and the branches fall to the ground from a slight shaking), they can be dried and fermented into wine; the taste is inferior to black mulberry in saturation.
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