Moroccan mandarins 10 PCS fresh seeds

Moroccan mandarins are an evergreen tree that grows to a height of about 4-5 m, its yield is 5-7 thousand fruits.
Moroccan mandarins are easily recognizable by special black diamond-shaped stickers.
The crown of the tree is rounded, spreads out, reaches 3.5 m in diameter. The bark of the tree has a light gray color, the shoots are dark green. The mandarin has small leathery leaves with sharp tips, they have the shape of an egg, their color remains unchanged at any time of the year.
The flowering period of the tree is from April to the beginning of summer. There are single and paired flowers, which are located in the axils of the leaves. They smell nice, they smell like bergamot.
The fruits should be dense, have the right shape, are from light yellow to orange shades. The flesh of the Moroccan fruit has few seeds, juicy. The taste is sweet and sour, the sweetness prevails over the acid. The fruits grow up to 4-6 cm in diameter, and include 10-12 lobes. The yellow-orange pulp consists of sacs containing juice.
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