Ziziphus 5 fresh seeds. Jujube seeds. Unabi seeds

Oreshka seeds
Real jujube (lat. Ziziphus jujuba), or common unabi, or Chinese jujube, or Chinese date, or French breast berry.

A thorny deciduous shrub or small tree 5-10 m tall with thick bark. The spines (modified stipules) are paired. Drought- and frost-resistant, low-demanding crop. During flowering, a subtle but strong honey aroma is felt. The bees work very well on it.

The leaves are simple, elliptical, short-petiolate, entire. The flowers are small, greenish-white, flowering and fruiting period is June - October.

The fruits are small, round or ovoid, fleshy, smooth; At first they are pale yellow in color, then red-brown. These are juicy drupes with very sweet, tasty and nutritious pulp.

USDA Hardiness Zone: 5 (-29°C to -23°C).
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