Granny Smith Apple Tree 15 PCS fresh seeds

Granny Smith Apple Tree
Trees of this variety are considered medium-sized, because without pruning they can grow no more than 3-4 meters. However, most gardeners prefer to limit their growth to 2.5-3 meters maximum, which makes it easier to care for and harvest. The crown of the trees is oval, spherical or broadly oval, strongly prone to thickening, requiring regular pruning. Branches depart from the trunk for the most part at an acute angle, which increases the risk of chipping during the period of abundant fruiting, therefore, supports may be required. The bark is usually greenish-brown or green in color, glossy, devoid of pubescence. The foliage is large, emerald-green, leathery, glossy, very dense and dense. Often the leaves are folded into a boat, have a jagged edge and a long-pointed tip. The root system is highly branched, superficial, in most cases does not have a central process.
The fruits of this apple tree are mostly large and very large. They can easily reach 250-300 grams under favorable conditions. In unsuitable weather or climate, at lower temperatures, they may slightly lose weight (180-220 grams). They are usually rounded or rounded-conical, can be slightly flattened, one-dimensional, with a weak or completely undefined ribbing. The skin of apples is dense, strong, glossy without visible wax or oil coating. When unripe, it has a bright green, even somewhat emerald hue, which becomes lighter as it matures. It is covered with a waxy coating, sometimes has a faint blurred cover blush in the form of a light reddish " tan " on the sunny side. Subcutaneous points of a lighter, grayish or yellowish hue, numerous, well-visible.
Trees of this variety do not show any special resistance to frost. Moreover, they do not tolerate sudden temperature changes, frosts, alternating with thaws, so it is not easy to grow them. The best choice of such an apple tree will be for regions where mild winters and short winters are replaced by long periods of heat. The maximum temperature that the variety can withstand even with high-quality shelter will be approximately-18-20°C. More severe winters will lead to death or prolonged recovery.
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