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Alba black mulberry (Latin Morus alba).

Deciduous tree; a species of the genus Mulberry (Morus) of the Mulberry family (Moraceae). A tree up to 15-18 m tall with a spreading spherical crown. The trunk and large branches are covered with grayish-brown bark.

The leaves are broadly ovate, unequal at the base, petiolate, finger-toothed along the edge, 5-15 cm long. They are located on two types of shoots: elongated vegetative and shortened fruiting.

The flowers are unisexual, collected in inflorescences: staminate — in drooping cylindrical ears, pistillate — in short oval on very short peduncles. Blooms in April — May, fruits ripen in May — June.

The coplodia consist of achenes with an overgrown perianth, up to 4 cm long, cylindrical. The taste is sickly sweet. They are edible fresh.
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