Asian Bird Cherry 30+ PCS fresh seeds, Padus Asiatica

Oreshka seeds
Asian Bird Cherry – Padus Asiatica
A tree up to 8-12 m in height, the crown of which is often formed by several branches running parallel to the top. In unfavorable conditions, the plant develops as a shrub. From one root, several trunks can be formed. The trunks are often curved, sometimes bending in the form of an arch, reaching the top of the ground. The bark of the branches is dark brown, the young shoots are cherry-red or olive-brown, with grayish pubescence.
The leaves are elliptical, with sharp-edged edges and a short sharp tip; they are arranged alternately. The flowers are white, collected in long multi-flowered drooping racemes. Fruits-spherical or slightly elongated black juicy drupes with a rounded stone inside. The flesh of ripe fruits is brown-brown, sweet, astringent. All the aboveground parts of the plant have a more or less strongly pronounced smell of bitter almonds. Blooms in May-June, the fruits ripen in September.
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