White peach Champion 5 PCS fresh seeds, Persicus, Peach tree, Prunus persica white, Fruit tree seeds, Organic seeds, Non GMO

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Peach white Champion (lat. Persicus, Prunus persica)

The champion is characterized by an average type of growth, the tree reaches a height of 3-4 m; the crown is wide-oval, spreading, dense; the flowers are of medium size, formed in the form of large bowls, have bright pink petals.
Peaches turn out to be medium in size and almost round in shape, their weight is about 150 g, a light fuzz is observed on the yellow skin with a blush. The pulp of the fruit is juicy, tender, the taste is rich, dessert.
The Champion brings the first fruits for 3-4 years after planting. It begins to bloom in May, and the harvest falls on the second half of July, which is typical for medium-early varieties. Fruiting is regular.
Champion is a high-yielding variety, which on average brings 60-70 kg of fruit from one tree.
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