The Bessea cherry 10 PCS fresh seeds, Cerasus bessyi

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The Bessea cherry, Cerasus bessyi
Is a subspecies of the undersized sand cherry that is native to South and North America. Sand cherry is unsuitable for food, at home it is used as an ornamental shrub or for livestock feed. It was improved by the scientist Bessie, as a result of which there was a variety of Bessea, suitable for fresh food, as well as for making compote, jam, jam. Currently, Bessea has become widespread in many countries around the world.
Bessea is a low shrub (up to 1.5 m), from which it is convenient to collect berries. During flowering, this cherry variety resembles an ornamental shrub, completely covered with white flowers with red stamens.
Enters into fruiting from the second year after planting in the open ground. From one bush, you can collect up to 10 kg of berries. A decrease in yield is observed in cherries older than 14 years.
Full ripening of the berries occurs in mid-August, while the fruits do not crumble.
Bessea is unpretentious in care, it needs to be taken care of in the same way as the usual cherry.
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