Aronia melanocarpa 30+ fresh seeds- Black Chokeberry seeds

Aronia melanocarpa is a fruit tree or shrub in the genus Aronia of the family Rosaceae. Aronia is grown as a food, ornamental and medicinal shrub.
The generic name comes from Greek. ρρος — help, benefit; the specific epithet is formed from two words: Greek. μέλᾱς (b. μέλᾰνος) — black and καρπός the fruit. The Russian name black-fruited mountain ash comes from the color of the fruit and the identity of the fruit of Aronia and common mountain ash, the latter are not close relatives (different genera that are part of the same Pink family).
Aronia Aronia is a highly branching shrub, up to 2.5—3 meters high, in its natural range (Eastern North America) usually reaches 0.5-2 m, rarely 4 meters in height. At a young age, the crown is compressed, compact; at maturity, it becomes spreading and reaches 1.5-2 meters in diameter. Annual shoots are red-brown, then dark gray.
Leaves alternate, simple, whole, 4-8 cm long, 3-5 cm wide, elliptical or obovate. The edge is serrated with a sharp transition to a sharp tip. The upper part of the leaf is leathery, shiny, dark green; the lower part is slightly pubescent, with a whitish tinge. Starting in the second half of September, the leaves are colored in red-purple tones.
Fruits are spherical, rarely compressed-rounded, black or black-purple, shiny, with a bluish coating, 6-8 mm in diameter, edible, sour-sweet taste with astringent tart taste. Aronia is a hardy, light-loving breed. In view of the roots located close to the ground surface, the plant is demanding of moisture.The root system is highly developed and widespread in the zone of the shrub crown.
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