Strawberry large-fruited Fresco 20 PCS fresh seeds, Fragaria

Oreshka seeds
Strawberry large-fruited Fresco (lat. Fragaria)

Early ripening, large-fruited, highly productive variety with a long fruiting period.

A strong compact bush up to 30 cm high, practically no tendrils, a large number of peduncles, bright red berries up to 3 cm in diameter and weighing about 20 g.

This hybrid variety is highly resistant to fungal diseases and some types of pests. Adapts well to almost any weather conditions, withstanding significant decreases or increases in temperature and shortened daylight hours.

A characteristic feature of the variety is its ability to produce a yield of 0.8 kg to 1.3 kg per 1 sq.m. in the first year of cultivation. In subsequent years, the yield increases to 1.5-2 kg. Fruiting occurs 5-6 months after germination and lasts from June to October with short breaks - up to 2 weeks after each major harvest.

The most suitable soil for planting and care is loamy or sandy loam chernozem, moderately moist, since strawberries freeze in winter in damp soil.

USDA Hardiness Zone: 4 (-34°C to -29°C).
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