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Oreshka seeds
Plums are plentiful.

A medium-sized tree with a rare flat-rounded crown. The overgrown twigs are short-lived, short. The stem is darkish-gray in color, medium thickness, smooth. There are a lot of lentils, of medium size. Shoots are horizontal, 2.5-3.5 mm thick. The top of the growing shoot is green, the tan is medium in intensity, red-brown.

The fruits are large, 35 mm long, 38 mm wide and 35 mm thick, with a weight of 35-40 g, rounded or flat-rounded, asymmetrical, the maximum width of the fruit is closer to the base. The abdominal suture is well defined, uniform along the entire length.

The density of the wax coating is average. The tip is rounded, the funnel is of medium depth. The main color is yellow, the cover color is solid red–purple. The peel is elastic, medium in thickness, well separated from the pulp. The flesh is orange in color, near the bone – red, medium-fibrous, dense, light-grained, darkens slightly in the air.
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