Prunus cerasifera red large fruits 5 PCS fresh seeds, Cherry plum red large fruits, Myrobalan plum, Rootstock plum cherry, Organic seeds

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Cherry plum red large fruits, Myrobalan plum, Rootstock plum cherry (lat. Prunus cerasifera)

Large-fruited red cherry plum is a fruit garden tree belonging to the Pink family of the Plum subfamily. Cherry plum belongs to a subspecies of plum and is characterized by an average early ripening period. You can recognize the plant by its spreading crown, pointed elliptical leaves and white single flowers. The culture begins to bloom in early May, and the first fruits can be tasted in July.
The growth of the Cherry plum tree usually varies from 3 to 10 meters. The first crop can be obtained from a young shrub in a couple of years after planting.
The yield of cherry plum is high, which is due to the rapid growth of the crown. Cherry plum and its cultivated varieties are used as a fruit crop. The yield of an adult tree is up to 300 kg.
The plant is very decorative at the time of flowering, so it is used when laying gardens and in landscape design.
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