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Medlar japonica, or Eriobotria japonica, or lokva, or shesek (lat. Eriobotrya japonica)

Japanese medlar is an evergreen tree reaching a height of 8 m. Shoots and inflorescences have a reddish-gray color from a thick felt pubescence that protects the leaves from frost.

Whole oval leaves reach a length of 25 cm and a width of 7-8 cm, leathery, glossy from above, pubescent from below, sessile or with a short petiole.

Flowers 1-2 cm in size are collected in erect panicles at the ends of the shoots. There are five petals, white or yellowish in color, two or three columns, stamens with yellowish-red anthers 20-40, sepals five, they are pubescent from the outside. Blooms in September - November. The flowers are white, small, exude a subtle pleasant aroma.

The tree is hardy: branches tolerate short-term cold spells up to -20 ° C, ovaries - up to -6 ° C, inflorescences - up to -3 ° C. It should also be taken into account the fact that the older the tree, the more hardy it is. At -17 ° C, thin branches die, at -23 ° C, the whole tree dies, but grows back from the root.

It is generally undemanding to the soil: it can also grow well on heavy clay soils. Tolerates both shading and direct sunlight well.

Under favorable conditions, it can turn into a large tree with a height of 10-12 meters or more. The width of the crown at the same time approximately corresponds to its height. An adult plant forms pear-shaped edible fruits in spring, which are usually collected in brushes of one to eight. Harvests are plentiful and, subject to a mild winter, are annual.
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