Arnold's hawthorn 50 PCS / 500 PCS fresh seeds, Crataegus Arnoldiana large red, hawthorn tree seeds

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Arnold's hawthorn (lat. Crataegus Arnoldiana)

A perennial, deciduous tree. It is grown for decorative decoration of the territory and for obtaining berries. Hawthorn fruits are large, juicy, universal use. Bark, flowers and berries have medicinal properties.
It is a woody plant that reaches 6 m in height. The fruits are large, 2-3 cm in diameter. The crown of the tree is up to 5 meters wide, wide, asymmetrical, transparent, there are zigzag branches. The spines of this variety reach 9 cm in length, which is much longer than most other varieties.
Fruit ripening occurs earlier, as well as their falling off. The fruits are large, the flesh is juicy, sweet and sour taste. There are 3-4 bones in each fruit. Ripening occurs in September, and Arnold's hawthorn blooms in May.
The leaves of the tree are wide egg-shaped, with jagged edges. In autumn, the foliage changes color from bright green to yellow or purplish-yellow.
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