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Blueberries, or common Blueberries, or Myrtle-leaved Blueberries (lat. Vaccinium myrtíllus) - a low-growing shrub, a species of the genus Vaccinium of the family Heath (previously, this genus was sometimes allocated to the family Cranberry). The berries are edible. Berries and leaves are used for medicinal purposes. Sometimes blueberries are also grown for decorative purposes on Alpine slides. The scientific name of the genus comes from the Latin word vacca — "cow", on the suitability of the leaves of some species for livestock feed. The species name myrtillus is a diminutive of myrtus - "Myrtle", on the similarity of the plant to a small Myrtle. The Russian name "blueberry" comes from the color of berries and the fact that they blacken the hands and mouth. Other Russian names of plants: Chernega, chermignac, bilberry, chemicznych, cheresnick. In the Russian far East, the berry is often mistakenly called a dove. Blueberry is a shrub 10-50 cm high. In the North, in the tundra zone, a few centimeters. Branches branch off from the main stem at sharp angles. Blooms in may. The flowers are greenish-white, regular, sit one at a time. The Corolla has five teeth. The bend of the Cup is inseparable. Ten stamens. Pestle-one. Lower ovary. The flower is tilted down, and this protects the pollen from dampness. The main pollinators of flowers are domestic bees and bumblebees.
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