Prunus avium. Yellow sweet cherry fresh seeds. SEEDS 10 PCS

Oreshka seeds
Sweet, tart berry with a Sunny tint. Ripe fruits are covered with a thin skin with a bright gloss. Trees are tall: long branches form a beautiful pyramidal crown. Variety with abundant fruiting: crop yield is half a centner. Growing cherries of the Yellow variety the Plot is chosen in the southern part of the garden, preferably in an area protected by buildings from Arctic winds. The soil is formed: if the loam is dense, add sand; if the sandy loam is too light, it is compacted. In all cases, up to 15 kg of compost is added to the bottom of the landing pit. Every year cherries are fed with ash and phosphates. Nitrogen is introduced in limited quantities. The plant has a high growth energy, so every year the crown is intensively cut. Advantages of growing high yield varieties, fruits with excellent taste and technical characteristics. We recommend ordering Yellow large-fruited cherries, their berries are a real treat: they are served to the table fresh, they make delicious compotes and jams
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