Large black cherry 5 PCS fresh seeds, Prunus avium

Oreshka seeds
Large black cherry (lat. Prunus avium)

This is the largest cherry, the bush can reach a height of no more than 5 m. To restrain the further growth of the crop, experts recommend carrying out formative pruning of branches.
The first harvest of Large cherries is harvested for the fourth season from the moment of planting a young tree in a permanent place. The average weight of berries is about 12 g, but there are fruits with a mass of 17 g. The thickness of the skin is lower than average, when eaten it is not felt, dense, but during a period of high humidity it can crack.
Fruiting of this cherry is regular, even in rainy and unfavorable climatic conditions of the year, more than 55 kg of harvest can be harvested from one tree.
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