Sorbus multijuga 10 fresh seeds. Sorbus koehneana seeds. White Rowan

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A tree or shrub, a species of the genus Rowan in the Rosaceae family.

Straight-stemmed tree up to 3 m tall.

Young shoots are glabrous or almost glabrous, reddish-brown, leaves unpaired, up to 20 cm long, from 17-25 leaflets, acuminate to the base.

The flowers are white, up to 1 cm in diameter, collected in complex shields, look spectacular on a dark background of foliage.

Colorful at the time of fruiting, when abundant, alabaster-white, small, no more than 0.7 cm in diameter, sour, without bitterness fruits develop.

Buy seeds, plant-white mountain Ash Kene (Sorbus koehneana)
White mountain ash Kene
Prefers Sunny places, but tolerates partial shade.

Smoke -, dust-and gas-resistant, wind-resistant. It develops better in a secure location.

It is drought-resistant, but suffers from excessive dryness of the soil, as well as from waterlogging, salinization and over-compaction.

It grows well on loamy moist soils.

Plants are quite hardy in the middle zone, does not need shelters.

They are planted in single plants and groups together with red-fruited and yellow-fruited Rowan species. Used as an ordinary in groups and hedges.

Buy seeds, plant-white mountain Ash Kene (Sorbus koehneana)
White mountain ash Kene
Life expectancy is up to 100 years.

It is valued for its openwork crown and white fruits.

The crown can be arranged in the form of a ball or umbrella on a smooth stem about 1 m high.

Landing. Planted in April (after stratification) or October in the soil with a mixture of leaf, humus, turf and sand, seedlings appear during spring sowing in may.

Crops carried out under the winter, be sure to insulate the leaf litter.

Rowan plantings should be located in Sunny places protected from the wind with good winter snow accumulation.
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