Pawpaw seeds. Asimina triloba seeds. 5 fresh seeds

Oreshka seeds
Three-lobed pawpaw, or pawpaw triloba, or banana tree, or paw paw (lat. Asimina triloba).

Deciduous tree or shrub 4–5 m tall.

The leaves are 12–30 cm long, short-pointed, leathery at the apex, with frequent translucent punctate glands, densely green. In mid-autumn they turn yellow and fall off, new leaves appear in late spring, when the plant has already faded.

The flowers are usually solitary, brownish-purple, up to 4.5 cm in diameter. The flowers are bisexual, but are cross-pollinated. The flowers emit a slight but very unpleasant odor.

Fruits are 5–16 cm long, 3–7 cm wide, weigh from 20 to 500 g, 2–8 fruits on one axis, usually oblong, cylindrical or round, usually somewhat crooked, angular. The seeds are brown. The skin of the fruit is thin, translucent, but easy to peel off. The color changes from green to lemon yellow as it ripens, and after the first frost it turns brown or black. The pulp is soft, whitish-yellow or orange-yellow, with a sickly sweet taste and a pleasant pineapple-strawberry aroma.

Flowering in April - May, lasts about three weeks. Fruiting in September - October, fruits ripen within 4 weeks.

Planting is recommended in sunny, sheltered areas. Prefers lightly drained soil with a neutral pH. In the first year, young seedlings require shading in winter and summer as they are very sensitive to the sun.

USDA Hardiness Zone: 5 (-29°C to -23°C).
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