Pawpaw seeds. Asimina triloba seeds. 5 fresh seeds

Oreshka seeds
Asimina triloba is an ornamental banana tree with very tasty sweet fruits. It is almost impossible to determine its taste, because it combines a lot of tropical fruits. It does not belong to tropical plants and is a species of the anon family. The tree grows low and reaches only 4 meters, the leaves are very large by autumn turn yellow and fall. It blooms in small maroon-brown flowers with a pleasant but faint aroma. One flower can produce several oblong fruits, green at first, and yellow at maturity. Fruits are stored very little, so they can only be found at home in North America. The plant is considered highly frost-resistant, and is able to endure harsh, but not long winters. In addition to open ground, it can be grown at home in large pots and taken outside only when it is warm. The plant needs good light and no drafts. The fruits of Asimina contain a large number of vitamins and trace elements. And the fruits themselves are simply delicious.
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