Moldovan black cherry 10 PCS fresh seeds, Fruit seeds, Organic seeds, Non GMO

Oreshka seeds
Moldavian black cherry.

The tree is vigorous, with a pyramidal crown. At the age of 7 years it reaches 5 m in height, crown diameter is 3.5 m. It begins bearing fruit in the 5th year of growth.

The fruits are large - 5.7 g, wide-heart-shaped, dark red, almost black. The pulp is juicy and sweet. The stone is medium in size and comes off easily.

In the 8th year of life, the tree produces 52 kg of berries; they ripen in the third decade of June and are well preserved during transportation.

Grows well in loamy and sandy soil that has a neutral acidity level. On sandy soil, cherries will require constant feeding every year. It is better not to plant cherries on clay soils, as they will not produce a good harvest.

USDA Hardiness Zone: 4 (-34°C to -29°C).
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