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Tatarian honeysuckle (lat. Lonicera tatarica)

Deciduous shrub 1-3 m high. Shoots are hollow. The bark of young shoots is yellowish-brown, covered with small dark lenticels; Old shoots have gray bark that peels off in stripes.

Leaves are ovate or oblong-ovate, 3-6 cm long, entire. The flowers are paired, up to 2 cm long, with a two-lipped corolla of white or pink color, located in the axils of the leaves. Tatarian honeysuckle blooms in May - June.

The fruits are spherical, red or orange, often fused in pairs at the base, about 6 mm in diameter, ripen in July - August. Inedible, bitter in taste.

Shade-tolerant, but blooms better in open sunny places. Thrives in moist soil, but usually does not tolerate waterlogging. Undemanding to soil composition.

USDA Hardiness Zone: 3 (-40°C to -34°C).
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