Berberis julianae 20+ PCS fresh seeds, Chinese barberry, Wintergreen barberry, Barberry seeds, Evergreen shrub, Organic seeds

Oreshka seeds
Chinese barberry, Wintergreen barberry, Barberry (lat. Berberis julianae)

An evergreen shrub of 0.5-2 m (in the range up to 3-4 m) height, straightened shape with a very dense, densely branched almost spherical crown. The branches are erect, grayish-yellow, with age the branches hang down in an arc. The shoots are yellowish, ribbed, not pubescent when young. The spines are 1-3 cm long, three-part, powerful, hard.
The leaves are simple, whole 3-10 cm long, about 2.5 cm wide, oval-lanceolate or obovate-lanceolate, obtuse or short-pointed, densely pilate, with 12-20 small, spiny-prickly teeth on each side, glabrous, hard, leathery, dark green above, glossy-glossy, pale yellow and slightly shiny below.
The root system consists of a powerful weakly branched and widely spread main root.
The flowers are 1 cm in diameter, yellow, sometimes reddish on the outside, collected in small-flowered bundles. Pedicels up to 1.5 cm long. Blooms in June.
The fruits are 0.8—0.9 cm long, oblong, blue-black, with a dense white waxy coating, with a short column.
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