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Plum black medium fruits, Prunus nigra, Canada plum, Canadian plum, Black plum (lat. Prunus nigra)

The black plum tree is strong-growing, has a medium-branched oval crown with sparse leaves. The top of the tree is narrow, rounded, the base of the crown is wide, rounded, the diameter of the plum trunk reaches 18 centimeters.
The leaves of the black plum tree are small, rounded dark green in color. Flower buds have a conical shape, their tip is pointed, the length is 5 millimeters, the diameter is 3. These buds are located on twigs or shoots of various ages. The leaves of the growth (annual) are of medium size and of various shapes. The leaf blade is thick, corrugated, green from the lower part, has a brown pubescence on the central vein. The petiole is small, about 1.5 centimeters in length with a thickness of 2 millimeters, crimson in color.
The flowers are evenly distributed throughout the tree. The corolla of the flower is flat, the average diameter is 2.5 centimeters. The petals of the flowers are obovate, the length is within a centimeter, the width is half less than the length. The color of the flowers is white, the petals are slightly closed.
The fruits of the black plum are rounded or roundly elongated, dark blue in color. Their weight ranges from 4 to 6 grams. The top of the plum is rounded, has a small depression. A seam in the form of a narrow dark stripe is noticeable on the fruit. The skin of the fruit is thick and rough, fits tightly to the pulp. The flesh itself is green with a yellowish tinge, sweet and juicy, well separated from a large flat bone.
The variety belongs to the mid-late period of fruit ripening, it is self-fertile, has good yields. The winter hardiness of the trees is high, as well as resistance to the main diseases of plums.
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