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Oreshka seeds
Sweet yellow Kuban pear (lat. Pyrus)

Late in size, medium, small, the weight of one fruit is usually in the range of 100-150 g, they are correct in shape, the surface of the pears is beautiful, a little rough, not wet. When the pears reach technical ripeness, they turn green, with a tan on one side. Subcutaneous points are poorly visible, the seed chambers are small, closed in shape. The pear is attached to the shoots with the help of pedicels, which are curved, their cups are open, not falling off. There are a lot of seeds in fruits, they usually have an average size, ovoid in shape, rather wide, dark brown. The flesh of the Kuban pear variety usually has a greenish-yellow hue, quite dense and juicy, tender, sweet and sour, very fragrant. You can harvest at the end of September, pears look very beautiful on the branches when they reach technical ripeness. These fruits are stored for a long time.
The culture begins to bear fruit most intensively at the age of six. As we noted earlier, the yield of plants is high. Often, the Kuban pear variety is grown on an industrial scale, while up to 200 quintals of ripe and fragrant fruits are obtained from one hectare.
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