Apple tree Semerenko (Apple Renet Simirenka) 15+ PCS fresh seeds

Oreshka seeds
Apple tree Semerenko (Apple Renet Simirenka)

A well-known variety of home apple tree. The fruit is light green or bright green, with numerous light round subcutaneous dots measuring 2-5 mm. The shape of the fruit is flattened and rounded, from slightly conical to flat-rounded. The size of the fruit is medium or larger than average, reaching a large size.
The flesh is white, juicy, tender. The fruits have a wine-sweet, somewhat spicy taste.
Semerenko is one of the highest-yielding varieties. The tree begins to bear fruit for 5 years after planting. The apple tree blooms in May, and the crop ripens in late September – October. The plant is 7-8 years old and bears about 12-16 kg of fruit. A tree older than 10 years gives up to 100 kg of crop. Up to 13-15 years old, the apple tree bears fruit annually. But with age, the number of fruits decreases, and then the harvest becomes periodic.
The fruits are consumed fresh and soaked, and are widely used for making jams and compotes.
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