Prunus cerasifera 5 seeds. Yellow cherry plum fresh seeds

Oreshka seeds
Ural sweet yellow cherry plum (Prunus cerasifera).

A spreading bush up to 2.5 m high. The branches are erect. Frost resistance is good. Productivity up to 15 kg per tree.

The fruit is yellow, round, weighing up to 16 g. The waxy coating is weak. The pulp is yellow, slightly fibrous, sweet. Ripens in early August.

The skin is thin, elastic, and does not taste bitter. The bone separates well and is small. It blooms simultaneously with the main varieties of Ussuri plum and is pollinated by them.

The soil must be fertile, with a neutral acidity level. The best option for cherry plum is loam. Preference should be given to areas illuminated by sunlight.

USDA Hardiness Zone: 4 (-29°C to -34°C).
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