Apple tree caramel 10 PCS fresh seeds, Malus domestica, Candy apple tree, Apple tree, Fruit tree seeds,Apple seeds,Fruit seeds,Organic seeds

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Apple tree caramel fresh seeds, Malus domestica, Candy apple tree, Apple tree, Fruit tree seeds, Apple seeds, Fruit seeds, Organic seeds (lat. Malus)

The Caramel apple tree is considered a tree with a summer ripening period. An apple tree of medium size, with a wide rounded crown and dark leaves. The variety is fast-growing. In two years it can grow up to three meters, then the development slows down. The normal size of an adult apple tree is about 5 meters. But with proper pruning and timely formation, the height usually reaches 4 meters.

The weight of the fruit is medium-sized, fruiting is abundant. The flesh is sweet, loose, very pleasant. The fruits are rounded, regular in shape, with a red cover blush almost over the entire area. Fruiting is annual and moderate. About 50 kg of fruit can be harvested from one medium-sized tree. The maximum yield is 100 kg per tree.

Fruiting is early and abundant. Resistance to low temperatures is a great advantage of the variety. The apple tree is not afraid of even the most severe cold. The tree does not suffer from recurrent frosts either.
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