Pyrus communis L. var. Krasulya 10 PCS fresh seeds, Common pear Krasulya, Pear seeds, Fruit tree seeds, Pear tree, Organic seeds, Non GMO

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Pyrus communis L. var. Krasulya fresh seeds, Common pear Krasulya, Pear seeds, Fruit tree seeds, Pear tree, Organic seeds, Non GMO (lat. Pyrus communis L. var. Krasulya)

The Krasulya pear is a short-lived, early-summer crop. The height of an adult tree reaches 4 m. The crown is small, medium height, rounded and semi-spreading. When forming, it can be pruned. Skeletal branches grow from the trunk almost at right angles, only the tip of the branch rises slightly upwards. They are located relative to each other compactly, not much intertwined with each other.

The trunk is medium in thickness, powerful and very stiff. As it grows, it is slightly deformed, bending. New shoots have a green color. Over time, the color begins to darken, the bark becomes brownish-red or brown and smooth. The buds on the young shoots are oblong.

On the fruit-bearing branches, you can find small thorns and fleecy. The leaves are ellipsoid in shape, medium and wide in size, they are slightly pointed towards the tip. The plates are green in color, with a gentle pronounced nervation.

The peduncles of the variety are large, white, shaped like a bowl. The buds have a persistent sweet aroma. Abundant flowering begins in mid-May.

In size, the fruits of the Krasuli are medium. They are small, bergamot-like and rounded. The average weight of the fruit is 90 g, the maximum weight reaches 120 g. In the period of young maturity, the color of pears is green. Later, the ripened fruits have a green-yellow skin color. Those sides that have been in the sun most of the time have a slight red blush. The peel is thin, slightly oily and glossy. The flesh is cream-colored, slightly loose.

The culture by maturity dates refers to summer varieties. Fruiting occurs in the fifth year after planting. The first fruits can be harvested in late July - early August.

The tree can tolerate frosts up to -30 °C. High-yielding, undemanding in care, frost-resistant variety with good immunity.
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