Fig peach 5 PCS fresh seeds, Prunus persica, Persica ferganensis Riab

Oreshka seeds
Fig peach (lat. Prunus persica, Persica ferganensis Riab.)

One of the most unusual and popular varieties of peach trees is fig varieties. All of them have fruits of an unusual, flattened shape, and excellent taste qualities.
Tree. It reaches a height of 5 m. The crown is spreading.
Leaves. Lanceolate shape. The upper surface is dark green, the lower one is grayish.
Flowers. The petals are pale pink. In appearance, they are similar to rosehip.
Fruits. Flat shape. The skin is not as pubescent as that of ordinary peaches. The bone is small. The color depends on the variety, there are fruits of yellow and orange shades. Everyone has a red blush. Weight – 100-200 g. The diameter is up to 7 cm. The bone is smaller – only 3-4 g.
Ordinary peaches have a pulp, the closer to the bone, the less saturated its taste is. Fig varieties do not have this-the taste is the same in any part of the fruit.
It has greater frost resistance.
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