Virginia persimmon 5 seeds. Diospyros virginiana

Oreshka seeds
Virgin persimmon, or American persimmon (lat. Diospyros virginiana, eng. Common persimmon).

Deciduous tree up to 20 m high with dark gray or brownish bark. The plant is dioecious, although some specimens are monoecious. Lives up to 100-150 years.

The leaves are large, 15.2 cm long, leathery, oval-shaped with a heart-shaped base and a pointed end. The flowers are unisexual and pollinated by insects or wind.

The fruit is berry-shaped with juicy pulp. Seeds with thin skin and very hard endosperm.

Photophilous. Prefers areas protected from the wind. Winter-hardy, tolerates frosts down to −37 °C. Prefers light acidic and neutral soils. It loves moisture, but tolerates dry soil. The root system is deep taproot.

USDA Hardiness Zone: 4 (-34°C to -29°C).
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