Moreau orange 10 PCS fresh seeds, Citrus sinensis cv. Moro

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Moreau orange (Citrus sinensis cv. Moro) refers to a group of so-called kinglets, or navel oranges. Its second common name is Moro Blood Orange (Moro Blood Orange). There are several varieties of blood oranges; all of them, justifying their nickname, differ in the color of the peel and pulp. The fruits of these plants are not orange on the outside, as usual, but rather reddish, crimson. The same applies to the color of the pulp. Moro is perhaps the reddest of this cohort, and also the most decorative, which has earned him great popularity among citrus growers-lovers.
Moro is one of the most common industrial varieties. Its main advantage is the early ripening of the fruits, as well as their unusual taste properties.
The size of the tree is average, sometimes even below average. The shape of the crown is rounded, wide, the branches tend to grow to the sides, which creates certain inconveniences when kept indoors. The plant is relatively resistant to frost, able to withstand short-term cooling to minus 5 °C.
The size of the flowers is small, usually up to 3.5 cm in diameter, they are very fragrant, the smell is sweet. Small inflorescences are placed on the branches. The petals are always painted in a soft purple shade.
The color is highly dependent on the growing conditions. Ideally, during the ripening of the fruit, there will be a significant amplitude of daily temperatures: cold nights and hot days. Without this, the fruits lose their bright redness, become pale, almost standard color. Other external characteristics: - The size is small (from 5 to 8 cm in diameter), the usual weight ranges between 120 and 180 grams.
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