Sakura cherry melkopilchataya 10 PCS fresh seeds, Prunus serrulata

Sakura cherry melkopilchataya (Prunus serrulata)
It is a tree up to 12 m high with a dense egg-shaped crown. The leaves are oval-lanceolate, pointed, arranged on short petioles, alternately. They can be up to 12 cm long and up to 6 cm wide. In autumn, they change color from green to yellow-orange and red-purple. In varieties, the foliage may be bronze in color.
The flowers appear simultaneously with the beginning of the opening of the leaves, which distinguishes this cherry from some other cherry trees, the flowers of which appear before the leaves. In wild specimens, the flowers are simple, with five white or pink petals, up to 3 cm in diameter. They are located on long pedicels. 2-4 flowers form an inflorescence. Varieties can have several rows of petals, that is, they can be semi-double and double, often the flowers are fragrant.
Cherry melkopilchataya forms a fruit of almost black color, a little more than half a centimeter in diameter, not edible, bitter, with a large stone and a small layer of pulp.
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