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Apple tree Nega, Apple tree (lat. Malus domestica)

The apple tree of this variety belongs to medium-sized, can reach a height of 3-3.5 m, the crown is oval in shape, quite powerful, made up of thick strong shoots. The leaves are a delicate green shade, shaped like a slightly elongated oval, with jagged edges.
Fruits are flat-rounded, medium or large in size. There are apples of this variety with a weight of up to 200g, but, on average, we can say that the weight of the fruit is 140 g. The skin is thin, smooth, matte, bright yellow with delicate red stripes around the perimeter of the fruit.
The flesh is white, dense, fine-grained, crisp, juicy, with high taste qualities: sweet bright taste, delicate pleasant aroma.
A distinctive feature of the tree of this apple tree, as well as one of the most attractive characteristics, is its amazing frost resistance.
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