Punica granatum 20 PCS fresh seeds, Pomegranate seeds, Fruit tree seeds, Red fruit, Fruit-bearing shrub, Organic seeds,Exotic tropical fruit

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Punica granatum fresh seeds, Pomegranate seeds, Fruit tree seeds, Red fruit, Fruit-bearing deciduous shrub, Organic seeds, Exotic tropical fruit (lat. Punica granatum).

A plant species from the genus of Pomegranates of the Derbennikaceae family (Lythraceae) with edible fruits. Pomegranate is a long-lived tree of subtropical climate. The bell-shaped flowers are double and single, orange-red, reach 4 cm in diameter.

The growing season lasts 180-215 days (6 - 8 months). Blooms from early summer to autumn. Most of the flowers (95-97%) are infertile, falling off. The formation and ripening of fruits lasts 120-160 days.

Due to the elongation of the flowering time, the ripening period is stretched. When ripe, the color of the fruits does not change, so it is difficult to catch the harvest time. It begins to bear fruit from the age of three, full fruiting persists from 7-8 to 30-40 years.

Pomegranate is a plant of subtropical climate, grows normally where the temperature does not fall below -15 ... -17 ° C. At -20 °, the entire aboveground part freezes. Pomegranate is a light-loving culture, it grows better in open places, but the fruits develop better in the shade of the leaves.

It is not demanding enough to soil moisture, but in dry subtropics without artificial irrigation it does not give a good harvest. It withstands air drought well, but only with sufficiently moist soil. It is undemanding to the soil, grows well on various soils, even on saline ones.
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