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Apple tree Red Royalty, Royalty (lat. Malus Royalty).

Slow-growing, medium-sized tree, about 2-6 m high. The natural shape of the crown is compact, oval, with age it becomes wide-spreading, spherical. By 8-10 years, the height of the plant usually reaches 5 meters, and the width of the crown is up to 4. The density is average. Skeletal branches and shoots are red-brown.

The leaves are purple-red, oval or elliptical, 8-12 cm long, narrow, alternate. The leaf is glossy above and covered with tomentose hairy pubescence below. In summer they are greenish-red, shiny, in early autumn they are crimson or brownish-red.

The buds have a rich red-violet color. The flowers are raspberry-purple, medium in size (about 4 cm in diameter), with a pleasant strong aroma. They densely cover all branches, creating the effect of a dense “pink cloud”.

The plant on semi-dwarf rootstocks begins to bear fruit in the 3-4th year after planting. The fruits are single, small (2.5-5 cm in diameter), weighing on average 5-6 g; round or slightly elongated, oblong in shape. The skin is purple or ruby red with a faint waxy coating. The pulp is dense, pink-purple in color. Mini apples are not intended for human consumption.

“Royalty” refers to unpretentious varieties that tolerate frost and drought well and are not sensitive to strong winds. Prefers sunny places or partial shade. Prefers fertile, moisture-proof soils. The best option is sandy loam, loam or soddy-carbonate soils.

USDA Hardiness Zone: 4 (-34°C to -29°C).
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