The Nedzwiecki apple tree 15 PCS fresh seeds

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Nedzwiecki apple tree

A small tree, 6-8 meters tall, with smooth branches without thorns, young shoots have a dark purple color. The apple tree is quite frost-resistant and unpretentious. Resistant to pests and diseases. Grows relatively quickly.

The leaves are also purple during the blooming period. When the apple tree acquires an abundant crown, only the leaf petioles remain intensely colored, the plate turns out to be dark green on top, and purple, slightly pubescent below - this makes the color of the crown very unique.

The flowers in buds are dark purple, and when they bloom - intense pink or purple, on thin, white-tomentose peduncles, which undoubtedly makes it stand out from the general mass of flowering apple trees. The flowering itself lasts on average 10 days, but budding significantly lengthens the decorative phase.

The fruit is a single spherical or slightly elongated apple, violet-purple in color with a waxy coating and reddish flesh, about 16x18 mm. The fruits ripen in September-October and remain on the tree for a long time.

Recommended for the widest use; the apple tree is especially good in colorful compositions and single planting on the lawn, as well as as a hedge.

Unpretentious. Does not require shelter for the winter due to its frost resistance. Resistant to pests and diseases. Prefers moist, drained, loamy and clayey soils with a reaction ranging from slightly acidic to slightly alkaline. Does not tolerate soil salinity well. Does not tolerate waterlogging; mature plants are relatively resistant to soil drought and soil compaction.

USDA Hardiness Zone: 4 (-34°C to -29°C).
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