Vaccinium oxycoccos 30+ PCS fresh seeds, Cranberry seeds from Russia, Small cranberry, Bearberry bounceberries,Swamp cranberry,Organic seeds

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Vaccinium oxycoccos fresh seeds, Cranberry seeds from Russia, Small cranberry, Bog cranberry, Swamp cranberry, Bearberry bounceberries, Evergreen shrub (lat. Vaccinium oxycoccos).

Berries of all types of cranberries are edible. A species of the genus Oxycoccus. Creeping evergreen shrubs with flexible thread-like rooting stems from 15 to 30 cm long, growing in swamps in the Northern hemisphere.

The root system is a core system. A fungus lives on the roots of cranberries, the threads of which are tightly connected to the root cells and form a mycorrhiza. The filaments of the fungus take nutrient solutions from the soil and transfer them to the roots.

The leaves are alternate, 3 to 15 mm long, 1 to 6 mm wide, ovate or oblong with a short petiole. The leaf blade is dark green, ashy (white) from below, remaining for the winter. On the lower surface of the leaf there is wax that prevents water from flooding the stomata and thus protects the plant from violating its normal functions.

The flowers are light purple or pink, regular, facing downwards with a stigma (drooping). The lifespan of one cranberry flower is 18 days.

The fruit is a spherical, ellipsoidal or ovoid berry of red color. The size of a berry grown in a swamp reaches 16 mm. Cranberries are characterized by ornithochoria: the fruits are eaten by birds, which carry its seeds over long distances. Every year, one plant forms several hundred berries.
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