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Honeysuckle offspring (Lonicera prolifera).

This is a very powerful vine with strong and thick shoots that firmly fix the plant on a support — wooden, metal or rope.

The leaves of the offspring honeysuckle are very beautiful — large, up to 9 cm long and 5.5 cm wide. From above they are bright or intensely green, and from below they are glaucous, with a short soft droop. The upper two pairs of leaves coalesce into thickish flat discs, bordered along the edge, with a thick bluish bloom on top. The foliage color turns yellow during fruit ripening.

Flowering occurs from the age of 4 in late June - early May and lasts almost until mid—July. The inflorescences are tiered, like most climbing honeysuckle, quite numerous, bright yellow, not fragrant.

The flowers are slightly smaller than those of caprifoli, up to 3 cm long. This honeysuckle is remembered for its large fruits. They are reddish-orange in color, collected in large heavy coplodia, ripen in September.

An unpretentious, frost-resistant plant. It is not demanding of soils, can tolerate light shading.
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