Selective peanuts for growing 30 PCS fresh seeds of peanuts, Arachis hypogaea seeds

Oreshka seeds
Cultural peanuts, groundnuts or groundnuts (Latin Arachis hypogaea)

An annual plant 25-40 (70) cm tall with strongly branched shoots. The root is taproot, branched. The stems are erect, slightly four-five-sided, glabrous or pubescent, with upward-pointing (bush forms) or recumbent (creeping forms) lateral branches.

This is a very well-known and delicious type of groundnut, which, if desired, can be grown on the windowsill. An ordinary legume plant simply impresses with its characteristics. After flowering, the flowers are buried in the ground and formed into fruits that contain two small nuts. The plant belongs to the self-pollinating, so it can be safely planted in the apartment. The nut ripens quite quickly and after drying is ready for use.

The nut has an oblong shape and looks like a bean. This is a very nutritious type of nut, since it consists of half of fat. Peanut butter is extracted from the fruits or added to confectionery products.
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